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How to Grow 100,000 Subscribers in Just One Year

You can achieve a lot in one year. This eight-part module will guide you through foundational principles, choosing your niche, aspects of film making, and how to continuously improve your production and your channel.

Increase Your Production Quality

Take your video production to the next level with my gearkit. I've assembled a lightweight kit focused on maximizing the ability to capture great 4K quality with decent dynamic range, as well as maintaining ease-of-use and flexibility.


Course Supplements

Check out these videos from the channel to supplement your course curriculum.

The Most Important Daily Habit for YouTube Success

In this video I cover six habits that have helped me everyday. This video covers the benefits of daily writing, typing tests, writing first thing in the morning, jogging, analyzing other people's work, and always seeking to improve your craft.

How to be Incredibly Consistent

Consistency is one of the key principles covered in this course, in the module Make 100 Videos in a Year. This video builds on the importance of consistency, and outlines seven ways that can help you solidify habits, shape your environment, and keep up your momentum.

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